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The Downhole Technology XTENDED Range frac plug delivers a more reliable and cost effective option for challenging applications. The slimmed down outer diameter allows the XTENDED Range to pass through damaged casing, restricted internal casing diameters, and existing casing patches in the wellbore. Our unique composite material, and patented cast iron slips allow the plug to be drilled out in less than half the time of competitive plugs.

XTENDED Range frac plug features:

Composite tapered nose

  • Maneuvers swiftly in tortuous wells
  • Flowback allowed due to anti-ball seal area on bottom of plug

Slimmer design can pass through

  • Damaged casing
  • Restricted internal diameters
  • Existing casing patches on wellbore

Predictable 7- to 15-min drillout time

  • Less bit wear
  • Less returns

Lower slip (patent pending)

  • Makes the Boss Hog plug easily drillable
  • No aluminum
  • Proprietary cast blend holds more than 10,000 psi with minimal casing damage
  • Key component in the 190,000+ runs with no presets

Note: The XTENDED Range frac plug mates with standard hydraulic setting tools.




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