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Boss Refrac with HELISEAL® frac plugs provide cost-effective pressure isolation in small ID liners and sleeves. Whether fracking in a patch or relining an entire lateral, the Boss Refrac with HELISEAL® plug leverages the same patented technology that is used in the Boss Hog. This allows the operators to reliably seal 15KSI differential pressures while enjoying the benefits of reduced pump down water consumption, increased pump down speeds, and high pulling force to tow guns up the steepest inclines.

Boss Refrac with HELISEAL® Highlights:

HELISEAL Technology

  • Pump down speeds of 600+ fpm
  • Double the pulling force of standard plugs
  • 15 KSI differential at 250˚F

Optimized cast iron slip

  • Fast drill-out
  • Reduced tubing damage
  • Extreme resistance to pre-set


  • Ball Drop, Ball in Place, Ball Check


  • 3.063 OD – 3.194 to 3.500 liner ID
  • 2.688 OD – 2.813 to 3.194 liner ID

Note: Hydraulic setting tools are readily available.




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