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Presets Eliminated

  • No presets in over 18,000 runs
  • Contains no tungsten carbide for minimal casing damage
  • Drills out in as little as 2 minutes, resulting in reduced bit wear

Use 40% Less Water

  • Proprietary Seal-XTM Fluid Control System allows for fast pump-down speeds with dramatically reduced water use
  • Significant savings in water sourcing, transportation, treatment, and disposal costs
  • Reduced environmental impact

Half the Size

  • Half the size of many competitors' plugs
  • Compact plug design reduces debris by 36%
  • Less returns to circulate to the surface

Downhole Technology is a leading provider of composite frac plugs to E&P and oilfield service companies throughout the United States and select international markets. The Boss Hog Frac Plug’s proprietary design results in a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective frac jobs that saves water, resources and time, while minimizing environmental risks.